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Meet the Choir

Laura Davies (Musical Director)


Laura likes to credit her eclectic musical taste and passion for music to a childhood spent watching Sesame Street. A degree in music and a diploma in voice tuition nurtured Laura's love of communal singing. Laura strongly believes that everyone can sing and make music, and that music can help to encourage confidence and communication.


A session with Laura is certainly likely to have a lot of laughter, as well as lot of singing! She keeps us entertained with her quips & one-liners, and a sense of humour that is simply infectious. She is, however, serious about helping the Choir to sing to its very best potential, but in a relaxed, non competitive way that makes everyone feel right at home, regardless of experience. There are no criticisms, just encouragement. We are very lucky to have her!

This month's spotlight on...




Voice part: Soprano

From: Woking

Go-to song to sing in the shower: A selection of classical arias at full volume

Jenny has been coming to choir for several years, and loves the fact that we learn new material quickly because Laura teaches by ear. That way, a song never gets boring and we never spend an entire rehearsal practising just one piece.

She's very proud of the sound we make as a choir - we've come so far since we started all those years ago!

Leadership: Team Members
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